Our Values

Our values are the mindsets that help us structure our work, define our culture, and achieve our goal of creating digital services that work for everyone.

Work for the greater good

We seek projects that make life better for people. This means we welcome tough challenges and excel at solving both technical and business related problems. We take time to define how human needs will be met through the services we create.

Embrace new thinking

We stay informed about new trends and technologies to provide the best value for our clients and employees. We have the courage to experiment because it leads to faster learning and innovation. And we’re committed to continuous improvement.

Be agile in all things

For us, agile is more than a development or project management approach. It’s a way of thinking that requires us to be flexible, transparent, and user-focused in every aspect of our daily work. We regularly reflect on our processes and are willing to embrace change when necessary.

Take responsibility

Contributing to public sector projects comes with an obligation to take responsibility for our actions and stand for what is right. We work to create opportunities for underrepresented groups, honor our commitments, and do the little things well.

Promote openness and transparency

We communicate honestly and clearly. We actively share our work and insights with each other, with clients, and with our communities so everyone can benefit. We work in the open whenever possible and prioritize open source public licenses over proprietary solutions.

Show appreciation

We are intentional about showing appreciation for each other and for those we serve. By celebrating the talents and efforts of the people around us, we encourage them to learn new things and grow as leaders. We also designate time for ourselves to give back to the various communities we are part of.

Foster diversity

We have a responsibility to address the inequality that permeates our lives as civic tech practitioners and individuals. We work to build diversity, equity, and inclusion in both our team culture and our work on problems that shape civic life -- while regularly asking how we can do better.

Maintain balance

We believe people work more effectively when they feel healthy and balanced. We create a positive work culture by adhering to business practices that support physical and emotional well-being. And we honor the priorities we have set for ourselves in our personal, professional, and spiritual lives.

From the team

Henry Poole, Co-Founder and CEO
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When you create a space for people to be balanced, it opens up the silos in the mind and allows for more possibility and innovation.

Henry Poole, Co-Founder and CEO
Andy Hawks, Engineer
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At CivicActions everything is done intentionally and with purpose. We try to bring this authenticity to everyone we work with.

Andy Hawks, Engineer
Ari Hylas, Engineer
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The best thing about working on government projects is being part of something larger than myself.

Ari Hylas, Engineer


Our human-centric culture has enabled us to build a company that is recognized for putting people first. We are grateful to the people and organizations that have helped us get here.
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