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Tech Specs

  • Drupal 8
  • JIRA Service Desk
  • Moodle Learning Management System
  • FedRAMP compliant platform
  • Mobile-friendly, responsive design
  • U.S. Web Design Standards
  • Docker
  • Ansible


Multiple, outdated websites

The Department of Education needed help consolidating and updating the collection of websites for the Literacy and Information Communication System (LINCS), which supports adult education practitioners in their goal of helping adult learners transition to post-secondary education and 21st-century jobs.

LINCS gives educators and learners access to resource libraries, discussion groups, and self-guided courses -- but these were located on various websites that were outdated and confusing to navigate. LINCS needed to be restructured with modern technical architecture into a secure, streamlined platform where education practitioners could enjoy learning and sharing. LINCS users also needed reliable, friendly support to resolve technical and login issues and get back to helping adult learners.

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Streamlined platform for connecting and sharing

We transitioned the LINCS website hosting to secure Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud servers, then consolidated the overabundance of outdated websites LINCS had inherited from other departments.

Modern design that makes sense

We used U.S. Web Design Standards to make the new LINCS sites easy to navigate and mobile friendly. The streamlined design allows educators to quickly find the courses and resources they need.

Fast, friendly support

Our support team provides empathetic and knowledgeable resolution of technical and login issues, often much faster than users expect! Educators feel supported and can get back to work quickly.

User feedback guides our work

We tie the LINCS helpdesk into the agile process through daily communication between support staff and development teams. This ensures that system improvements are based on real user needs.

DevOps for efficient code

Our build, test, and release practices for LINCS emphasize a DevOps culture of communication and collaboration. We put systems in place for code standardization and stability.

Sharing code across agencies

We created a GitHub repo to share the code for LINCS courses so other agencies and educators can implement them. We also made over 50 commits on LINCS’ behalf to various projects on Drupal.org.


  • Learning services are constantly improved through user feedback
  • Friendly helpdesk solves technical problems quickly
  • Outdated systems are modernized and consolidated
  • Educators can learn and share more easily with streamlined content
  • Other agencies can benefit from the code we’ve shared


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