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Project Description

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A federal agency upgrades its digital communications platform to be more responsive, accessible, and feature-rich, empowering participants to share, learn, and collaborate securely from locations worldwide.


The Federal Communications Commission, hampered by the outdated website FCC.gov, engaged CivicActions to migrate their massive content load from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 while revamping the information architecture to provide a user-friendly experience to the industries that rely on the FCC for regulatory guidance. On a tight timeline and budget, we delivered a modern, elegant platform that is pleasant for visitors and administrators to use. Our culture of Agile collaboration with the FCC has continued to strengthen teamwork within the agency.


The FCC serves millions of visitors per year from various industries through its website, which encompasses the databases, reports, forms, regulations, and resources of nineteen Bureaus and Offices — a total of 69,706 pieces of content! CivicActions was engaged to migrate the massive site from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 on an incredibly tight timeline with virtually no ramp-up period. The FCC wanted the new site to be more responsive and relevant to the public, while being easier to manage for the myriad of stakeholders responsible for content.

Similar to many government agencies, the FCC had not previously undertaken a project of this magnitude using an Agile approach. Even though the contract was structured as “fixed-scope, fixed-price”, the agency was eager to partner with a team that would introduce Agile concepts and work iteratively with stakeholders to address changing priorities — ensuring that the final product was not just a strict reflection of up-front contract requirements, but a valuable platform that would bring ongoing benefit to the agency and its customers.

A Team Approach

CivicActions cultivated teamwork throughout the project, reprioritizing tasks based on constant communication with the product owner and stakeholders — even using tools like Slack to stay in touch with FCC team members and help them deliver on their tasks. Acting as servant leaders rather than rigid contractors, we added our experience to their requirements while learning about their needs, helping them make informed decisions for a better finished product. We also worked to empower them with the goals and tools to continue developing a culture of Agile teamwork within the organization.

Content Migration For A Modernized System

The Drupal 6 version of the FCC website was out of date, clunky, and difficult to use for administrators and visitors alike. CivicActions provided the migration of legacy content from various systems, saving the agency thousands of hours of work and giving them a modern, elegant, user-friendly platform with which to engage the public.

User-Focused Information Architecture

To help the organization achieve its primary goals of usability and consistent design, we streamlined the site’s information architecture, creating a more accessible schema so visitors to the site can quickly navigate to the resources they need. The search application architecture was revamped to give users the same level of satisfaction provided by modern consumer websites.

Simplified Content Management

The various divisions of the FCC require many content managers who need the ability to create freely in their own sandboxes without stepping on the toes of other administrators. Organic Groups was implemented for access control, allowing stakeholders to manage their own content without affecting the pages of other departments. This also preserved the unity of the site’s overall design concept, streamlining the experience for users while giving administrators individual freedom and flexibility. To make content creation easy and efficient, we implemented a robust text editor and developed some custom items to go along with Panels, giving content owners the ability to mix-and-match from a selection of on-brand page components.

Transforming Government From The Inside Out

As a company that values connection and relationships, we are enthusiastic about helping public sector organizations achieve their goals of practical engagement with the public. The FCC now manages a modernized website that administrators and visitors actually enjoy using — delivered on a tight timeline and budget — and can now consider itself a leader not only in communications regulations, but in providing the pleasant customer experience often missing from government services.


  • Drupal web development
  • Wireframing
  • Streamline of information architecture
  • Migration of over 69,000 pieces of content


  • Flexible reprioritization of goals based on agency’s needs throughout project
  • Migration of legacy content from various systems into a streamlined platform
  • Modernized, responsive website for increased accessibility and public engagement
  • Simplified content management that provides freedom for administrators
  • Increased understanding and adoption of Agile processes within agency


Federal Communications Commission


Website Redesign

Tech specs

  • Drupal 7
  • Custom third-party integrations
  • Mobile-friendly, responsive design
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