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Overview of Google authentication methods

There are a number of different authentication methods available for integrating with Google Apps. These include OpenID, OAuth and SAML amongst others. At a first glance, it's not always entirely clear on the differences between them and when you may wish to use one over another. Here's a brief overview [...]

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Image FUpload: A Multi-Image Upload Module for Imagefield

The Image FUpload module is an add-on to the Image and CCK's Imagefield modules, and allows you to upload multiple images at once with just a few simple clicks. You can use it with both single-value and multi-value imagefields, and it will automatically create the nodes for you. The Image [...]

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Ubercart: modifying checkout panes

The Ubercart module is one of the best e-commerce options for Drupal currently. It is very user friendly and highly flexible with administrators having control over the product catalogue, payment gateways and email notifications. Site administrators also have control over which checkout panes are displayed during checkout and the order [...]

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Migrate module: file handling

So you're migrating pages and users from another CMS to Drupal using the Migrate module, but how do you handle all those file attachments? This example will cover taking the input filename and adding it to an imagefield on a Drupal content type. However, this should work in exactly the [...]

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Modifying your site’s email “From” header

By default, all email sent from your site uses the site email address configured at admin/settings/site-information as the "from" address. On most sites this is set to something generic, like "" or "". However in a lot of mail clients, when the email reaches your inbox, it appears as being [...]

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Using Chaos Tools module to create exportables

Recently I created a patch for the migrate module so you can export content sets, paste them into your module and have them automatically imported. This works in much the same way as Views handles default views in code, with the version in the database overriding the version in code. [...]

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AJAX-ifying Drupal Node Forms

Recently, for the first time with Drupal 6, I needed to create a form where a variable number of fields could be added to it by simply clicking a 'Add more' button. I wanted to design a node form where users could create a custom compilation album of their favourite [...]

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Multiple IEs, including IE8!

For a long time now, I've been using Tredosoft's Multiple IEs. It's a great little package that allows you to run multiple versions of IE on the same machine, from IE 6.0 all the way back to IE 3.0! Okay, now no one is running IE 3.0 any more (I [...]

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