Stefanie Gray

she/they, [stef-uh-nee gray]
Help Desk Support
Denver, Colorado
  • GIS & Data Analysis
  • Customer Support
  • Open Data
  • Karaoke

Stefanie is a plucky “tech lady data geek riot grrrl” with a heart of gold.

On the Project DKAN team, she helps organizations use their data to make a better world — which all starts with empathetic customer support and helpful trainings on how to use open data to tell stories and uncover solutions. A walking fountain of ideas with a can-do attitude, Stefanie has provided DKAN trainings from Sacramento to St. Lucia, in addition to working on QA, documentation, front-end design, and community-building.

Stefanie has a B.A. and M.A. in Geography from Hunter College, and a certification in GIS (Geographic Information Systems). She first started creating maps back in elementary school, tracking hurricane patterns in her hometown — nowadays a whirlwind of travel takes her all over the map. Coffee and cats help her keep it all in balance.

Things Stefanie has been doing

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