Open Data Specialist
New York City, NY

About Stefanie Gray

Stefanie joined CivicActions in 2017 as Open Data Specialist to assist with all things DKAN. Her enthusiasm for open data is contagious — she revels in freeing government data from the confines of PDFs and spreadsheets so it can be used to tell stories and uncover solutions through maps, graphs, and narratives. A walking fountain of ideas with a can-do attitude, Stefanie has provided DKAN trainings from Sacramento to St. Lucia, in addition to working on QA, documentation, front-end design, and community-building.

Stefanie has helped nurture and grow the DKAN project since its early days at the startup NuCivic, and followed it on its journey through other organizations until landing at CivicActions — a nurturing home she feels is a perfect fit for DKAN and for herself, a plucky “tech lady data geek riot grrl”! Stefanie’s devotion to DKAN stems from her determination to help make government data available to the researchers, journalists, academics and others who can use it to make the world a better place. She also loves watching people light up as she explains how they can publish their agency’s data in a way that empowers users at a local level to get involved and create positive change in their communities. Prior to finding her calling in open data and gov tech, Stefanie worked at a variety of NYC-based non-profits and campaigns for civic good.

Stefanie holds an MA in Geography from Hunter College and specializes in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). It is fair to say that she has a love affair with maps. She lives in New York City, where she once attempted to beat the Guinness record for riding the entire subway system in the shortest amount of time, as part of a campaign to stop subway fare hikes. She loves coffee, cats, karaoke, good causes, and bad puns.