Srikanth Chowdhary

Sacramento, CA
  • DevOps
  • Systems Administration
  • Automation
  • Cooking

Srikanth meets challenges with dedication and perspective.

He’s part of the hardworking CivicActions DevOps team at California Child Welfare Digital Services, helping improve systems and processes for the platform that will serve at-risk children and their caretakers. Srikanth is a wealth of knowledge and experience, willing to dive into difficult tasks to find an efficient solution. His teammates appreciate his calm, approachable manner and philosophical musings on daily DevOps endeavours.

Srikanth has nearly two decades of experience in IT administration. He’s currently living away from his family to work, but is a devoted long distance-father and talks with them every day via FaceTime. In the meantime, he likes hosting and cooking for his friends, who enjoy eating his mouth watering biryani.

Things Srikanth has been doing

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