Scott McGee

he/him, [scott mick-ghee]
Port Angeles, Washington
  • Linux Infrastructure
  • Security
  • Purposeful Living
  • DIY On The Fly

More about Scott

  • Developed and maintained critical infrastructure for national security mission systems
  • Feels at home in the wilderness - hiking, backpacking, scuba diving
  • Provides infrastructure automation, security, and compliance to the DoD’s GlobalNet platform
  • Reduces the world’s ecological footprint by selling clothing made from recycled plastic
  • Advocates for preserving the ocean and wilderness through his photography
  • Building a skoolie with his wife in the rainforest of the Olympic Peninsula
  • Owns a dog, a cat, and an Amazon parrot who refuses to have her picture taken (he has the scars to prove it)

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Through story-telling, I hope to inspire people to explore the natural world and raise awareness of our shrinking wild places.

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