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Filtering A View By A List Of Nodes With Checkboxes

One of our clients manages a Masters program and has a list of participating schools from around the globe. Because the program is similar at each institution, but has different admission and tuition requirements, the client wanted us to develop a tool for prospective students to easily compare each school. [...]

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Creating A Low Bandwidth Theme In Drupal

One of our clients has a large world-wide user base, in many locations where Internet access is limited. In addition to developing for mobile browsers, they also wanted a “low bandwidth” version of the site, optimized for older computers and dial-up connections. Using a handy module and some theming tricks, [...]

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Running Multiple Versions of Firefox on Mac OS X

Cross-browser testing requires using as wide range of browsers as possible. It’s most effective when you have all those browsers on one machine. We've have written in the past about installing multiple IE browsers but what about Firefox? I recently downloaded Firefox 4 to see what the fuss was about, but [...]

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