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With a strong background in all aspects of Web development Sadie is passionate about enabling self organizing teams to collaborate and solve problems together.  As the Director of Operations and Agility at CivicActions, she works to drive Agile practices into all aspects of our business: our culture, our management, and the way we do our work.
Sadie worked for many years as a hands-on Web engineer and systems administrator.  Before working with CivicActions Sadie managed the Web Services at the UCSF Health Sciences Library and managed Web Engineering at YesVideo, Inc. As a consultant her clients have included Gap Online, Intuit, Catholic Healthcare West,, and Organic, Inc. Sadie holds a Masters of Library and Information Science from UCLA and is a Certified ScrumMaster. She enjoys reading really big thick books with lots of characters.


Brainstorming and Prioritizing with Trello

We do our work from all over the world, which makes it hard to use standard Agile tools like sticky notes and dot voting to collaborate. Since we use Trello quite a bit, we decided to experiment with Trello's voting feature.

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