Riadh Habbachi

he/him, [ree-adth huh-bah-shee]
Tunis, Tunisia
  • System Automation
  • Solving the Root Cause
  • Listening & Communication
  • Tinkering With SoCs

More about Riadh

  • Helps government agencies (from all around the globe) use their data for good
  • Drupal developer, community founder, and open source contributor for over 6 years
  • Enjoys building front-end experiences and automated deployment cycles
  • Is the guy everyone goes to with their toughest problems
  • Made his father furious by installing Ubuntu Linux on the family computer
  • Karate Black Belt who loves to travel, preferably with good company
  • Multi-lingual (both code and spoken word)

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Tinkering with computer systems is like a fun puzzle -- you have to understand enough about one to connect it to another and get the result you want.

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