Rachel Kauff

she/her, [ray-chul koff]
Content Strategy
Los Angeles, California
  • Wordsmithing
  • Research
  • Emojis
  • Pre-industrial IT

Rachel loves getting the words in line.

She helps craft content to highlight the services and leadership of CivicActions, bringing out the personalities and expertise of team members. She also brings project narratives to life, aligning them with business needs so they can be used across the organization for a variety of purposes.

Rachel has an M.F.A. in printmaking and sculpture from University of Iowa. She loves doing things by hand, and has worked on publishing handmade artists books using 500-year-old printing technologies. Most evenings she can be found in her studio writing, drawing, and carving.

Things Rachel has been doing

  • Working with the VA to create useful content for Veterans
  • Serving on a team that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion at CivicActions
  • Helping the CivicActions team shine
  • Telling the stories of CivicActions’ partnerships and successes
  • Inventing new surrealist objects with a team of high school art interns
  • Writing about how regional art communities are reimagining the future
  • Humbly serving as staffer for her cat

blockquote icon

The donut emoji is a reminder of the cyclical nature of cravings.

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