Melinda Burgess

she/her, [muh-lin-duh bur-jes]
Content Strategy
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
  • Storytelling
  • Community Building
  • Content Strategy
  • Being Easily Amused

Melinda writes from the heart.

She uses the power of the written word to improve processes, share best practices, highlight impact, reveal potential, and sometimes stir up some healthy controversy -- always with an eye to the “why” behind the words and the users who will benefit from them. Melinda is also a community and culture advocate, so you can often find her mentoring and supporting her teammates, connecting people to good ideas and to each other.

Melinda seeks variety and diversity in all things. After a few years of “digital nomadism,” wandering the western United States in a Eurovan with her partner and three kids, she’s now happy to be found typing away on a porch somewhere in Oklahoma, hopefully watching a thunderstorm and petting a cat.

Things Melinda has been doing

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I appreciate a team with a solid work ethic, a culture of appreciation, and an extensive custom Slack-emoji collection.

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