Maria Giudice

she/her, [ma-ree-uh joo-deese]
Board Member
Oakland, CA
  • Design & Business Leadership
  • Identifying Passions
  • Captivating Audiences
  • Reciting Rocky Horror Picture Show

More about Maria

  • Customer experience pioneer who sold her firm to Facebook in 2013
  • Published co-author who thinks the world needs more creative leaders and is helping to create them
  • Rollerblader who met her husband coasting through the streets of San Francisco under the moonlight
  • Niece of the famed fantasy artist Frank Frazetta, whose fans included Clint Eastwood and George Lucas
  • Masterful painter whose preferred medium is jeans jackets
  • Major fan of Prince, who she’s celebrated in portraits (on jeans jackets, naturally)

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To design is to encourage collective change — change that responds to need, embodies desire, pursues a stated direction, and reflects a shared vision.

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