Marc Jones

he/him, [marc jones]
Legal & Compliance
Bloomfield, Connecticut
  • FOSS Licensing
  • Getting Audited
  • Thinking It Through
  • Reading Contracts

Marc is a technologist, lawyer, and evangelist for free and open source software.

He lends his myriad skill sets to DevOps teams working on automated systems for government agencies. He also rather enjoys reading the contracts nobody wants to read and filling out paperwork nobody wants to deal with, in order to help agencies focus on serving constituents. He has advised state and federal agencies, universities, Fortune 100 companies, and several prominent open source projects.

Marc graduated from Quinnipiac University School of Law and holds a certificate in Data Protection Practice from the Law Society of Ireland. He lets his cats sleep on his desk while he’s working, and often finds himself traveling to unusual but unexciting locations.

Things Marc has been doing:

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If you are always working towards eliminating the need for your job, people will never stop offering you new jobs.

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