Malik Kotob

he/him, [mal-ick ka-tob]
Burke, Virginia
  • Drupal Architecture
  • Curiosity
  • Mentoring & Listening
  • Robotics

More about Malik

  • Tech lead for large government projects from healthcare to FOIA
  • Open source enthusiast, mentor, and contributor for over 5 years
  • Has worked in tech as a requirements analyst, tester, developer, and architect
  • Contributed to tools that make it easier to build and launch Drupal sites
  • Devoted dad raising thoughtful kids through inquiry-based learning
  • Helped build a robotic jellyfish as a mechanical engineering undergrad
  • Always up for adventure — from nearby national parks to the Great Pyramids

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When it comes to dealing with others, make excuses for them before you make assumptions about them.

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