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Search API: The New Face of Search in Drupal

Affinity Bridge's Katherine Bailey and Tom Nightingale gave an awesome introduction to the Search API module at the recent Vancouver Drupal User Group's meeting. Affinity Bridge was using the Drupal 6 Searchlight module previously. Searchlight had three things going for it: You could plug it into the popular Apache Solr [...]

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HTML5 Canvas with Dave Shea

One of the great things about living in Vancouver is the abundance of tech talent. Last night, for instance, CSS Zen Garden creator/author, Dave Shea, shared his thoughts and experiences with HTML5 Canvas, at an HTML5 Meetup. Dave also introduced us to his own canvas project, Paintbrush JS. Modernizr creator, [...]

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Chaos Computer Club and the Rise of Hacker Culture

The German hacker club, Chaos Computer Club has recently been in the news for their annual end of the year Chaos Communication Congress at which well-known writer and BoingBoing editor, Cory Doctorow spoke on “the coming war on general computation.” In this post, I will introduce you to the club, [...]

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In Which I Condense and Annotate Brian Fling’s Moste Excellente Slideshow, Six Rules to Designing Amazing Mobile Apps

While researching for an upcoming talk on HTML5 and Drupal, I came across Thee Moste Excellente Slideshow “Six Rules to Designing Amazing Mobile Apps,” by Brian Fling. Now (Gentle Reader) You Could Hastily take Thineself over to Thee Slideshow; Indeed, I would Heartily Recommend This Course of Action; however, This [...]

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Ken Wilber And The Big Three Value Systems

In a recent post I outlined Ken Wilber’s quadrant theory, which I think is an incredibly helpful way of gaining a full picture of organizations and issue areas. While the quadrants describe the internal and external, individual and social frameworks we encounter in the world, Wilber also spends a lot [...]

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Using HTML5 with Drupal, Today!

Recently, I blogged about Drupal's plans to integrate HTML5 into its next release. However, version 8 of Drupal is at least a year away. What's a Drupal dev to do, if they want to start using HTML5 right now? There are a variety of tools and techniques. Let's look at [...]

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What the Frack is Bitcoin and Can I Use it with Drupal?

Bitcoin is peer-to-peer digital currency. Like Napster or Limewire, it does not rely on a central trusted issuer, but upon a network. Currently, one bitcoin is worth about $0.90 US. Why would you want to bother with bitcoin? There are many good reasons, not the least of which is to [...]

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Technology and Social Movements

Last Thursday I attended a taping of the Al Jazeera English show, "Empire" at the Columbia University Journalism School. The discussion featured Amy Goodman, Carl Bernstein, Emily Bell, and rivals Clay Shirky and Evgeny Morozov. While the role of technology was the launching point of the discussion; it was not [...]

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Advanced Voting with the Decisions Drupal Module

One of the reasons I'm excited to vote this week is the introduction of Ranked Choice Voting in my hometown of Oakland, California. I like Ranked Choice Voting because it allows voters to express their preferences in a more complete way than if they could only vote for one candidate. [...]

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CiviCRM Custom Field Option Lists Now Supported by Views Filters

My work with CivicActions recently provided the opportunity to create a minor, but much needed improvement to CiviCRM which has just been made available to everyone in the recent CiviCRM 3.2.3 release. CiviCRM records have been available to Drupal's Views module for some time, but the use of Custom Fields [...]

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Drupal Gotchya: Cache_get() Returns Expired Items

cache_get() returns $cache objects even if the cached item is stale (expired). The cached data will not be rebuilt every hour in the following example: /** * Builds complicated data for the monkey grip. */ function custom_monkey_grip_data() else return $data; } ?> Instead, it's cached data will persist in the [...]

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Can’t Add CSS, JS, RSS Icon Or Set Title Or Messages In Preprocess Page?

Often you want to add CSS files, scripts, feed icons or even set Drupal's page title from the theme layer. The most obvious place to call Drupal's functions for these tasks is probably in a page preprocess function. However calling the following Drupal API functions from a theme or module's [...]

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Vertical Tabs In Drupal 7 Core! How Open Source Does Usability – The Process

Vertical tabs are finally in Drupal core! A week ago Angie "webchick" Byron committed a large patch from #323112 Vertical Tabs to Drupal 7 core. This change is quite possibly the most significant usability enhancement to Drupal 7 to date. Two of the three formal usability tests did usability testing [...]

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jQuery.dashboard() Plugin

The jQuery.dashboard() plugin for jQuery provides a framework that makes it easy for web application developers to create highly configurable dashboard-like user interfaces (similar to iGoogle) in their web applications. Jump straight to the demo. jQuery.dashboard() requires jQuery UI 1.7's (the new 1.6rc6) Sortable library, which in turn requires jQuery [...]

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Usability Of Car Stereos

For a long time I have wondered how the teams that design car stereos can fail so miserably at making car stereos easy to use. The function of a car stereo is not complicated, and there are few tasks that need to be considered in the design of a car [...]

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Authenticated Users Do Not Inherit Anonymous Role Permissions

Contrary to common belief, Drupal's Authenticated user role does not inherit permissions given to the Anonymous user role. However, it is important to note that all other roles do inherit permissions given to the Authenticated user role. So if you gave a permission to the Authenticated user role, it is [...]

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Using CSS to wrap long fieldset legends

In a recent project I encountered a very long legend in a fieldset from a node add/edit form. Instead of wrapping, it forced its way into the right-hand sidebar and was generally causing a mess of the layout. In looking into this I discovered that legends don't wrap by default, [...]

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Web Apps as Desktop Apps; Prism, Web-Runner &

With applications moving to the web, the desktop web browser is becoming more and more the center of users' attention. Consider for a moment what percentage of time you spend in Firefox or other web browsers compared to other programs or applications that run in your desktop – or use [...]

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jQuery hook, event message passing, callback function

Do you like Drupal's hook functionality? Maybe this jQuery extension could serve as a way to replicate that that functionality. Currently I use the extension below to allow the extension of existing libraries I've written. Let's say in your library you write : if (confirmed){ $('#css-id').hide( function(){ $.hookExecute('css_id_hidden'); } ); [...]

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