Kim Davidson

Agile Project Manager
New York, NY

About Kim Davidson

Kim joined CivicActions in 2015 as an Agile Project Manager with a passion for helping people use technology for social impact. She is a big fan of systems and processes, wielding them as tools for productivity while working across teams to coordinate projects. Her penchant for rules aids her in keeping team members on their toes, while bringing all project elements together with strict attention to detail and quality.

Kim serves as Project Manager for Project DKAN, a Drupal-based open data platform that organizations can use to manage and publish data in compelling ways. Kim navigates layers of DKAN stakeholders and triages requests, feedback, and community needs. She coordinates work, time, and resources to ensure focus on the big picture of Project DKAN while keeping the small details under control.

Kim previously supported CivicActions teams on the GlobalNET digital platform redesign for the DSCA, a large-scale, long-term project requiring intensive management skills.

Prior to joining CivicActions, Kim developed her strong agile project management skills at Advomatic, a development company serving progressive nonprofits, where she worked to ensure that projects were delivered on time and on budget for clients such as the ACLU, Academy of American Poets, St. Vrain Valley School District, and American Federation of Teachers.

Kim always wanted to work in the nonprofit sector, which is how she landed a job at Managing user support at Idealist, she observed how intimidating technology can be to users and discovered her knack for helping people connect with tools and use them with confidence. Later, Kim moved on to community management at Idealist, developing and executing initiatives to strengthen relationships with member organizations.

The earliest roots of Kim’s people-management skills can be traced back to a quirky job she held as the office manager for the company that (at the time) sold the audio tour for the Empire State Building. Faced with a chaotic office where no one used email and sales information was being jotted down on sticky notes, Kim contrived to create orderly systems and digital documents that allowed the company to function more like a modern-day business.

Kim moved to Manhattan to attend Columbia University (BA, 2009) and has lived there ever since. In her spare time she runs a Tahitian dance group and microwaves things from Trader Joe’s. She also works with a nonprofit dedicated to increasing voter registration among young people across the country.


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