Kevin Walsh

Ravenna, Ontario

About Kevin Walsh

Kevin cut his tech teeth working for broke nonprofits and social movements in the late 90s. When he discovered open source software, he plunged headlong into the web, and plays a variety of roles ranging from content strategy to project management to Drupal development. You might consider him a tech janitor.

As Tech Lead at CivicActions, Kevin has led projects for BikeNYC, ASPCA, Greenpeace UK, and the MIT’s Centre for Civic Media.


  • March 2015, “Essential Website Trends for 2015”, Non-profit Technology Conference, Austin Texas
  • July 2013, “Building Drupal sites the Lean way, via content strategy and agile development”, DrupalCamp Toronto
  • November 2011, “Agile practices for Drupal projects”, DrupalCamp Toronto


Five Tips for Using Trello for Scrum

CivicActions has been a virtual organization since it was founded, and we’ve adopted Agile methods--especially Scrum--for all of our projects in recent years. And since March 2012, we’ve adopted Trello as our go-to solution for managing virtual, Scrum projects.

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