Keith Kawasaki

he/him, [keeth kow-uh-sockey]
Business Development
Nolensville, Tennessee
  • Government Contracting
  • Creating Connections
  • Cutting Clutter
  • Talking Star Wars

More about Keith

  • Admitted Govcon nerd with a master’s certificate in Government Contract Management from Villanova University
  • Fierce advocate for the responsible use of taxpayer funding
  • Tech-savvy content marketer who still believes in the magnetic power of print
  • Journalist who spent more than a decade chronicling the sacrifice of America's military through war, natural disasters, and individual acts of heroism
  • Talented illustrator who created the logo for 650 AM WSM, home of the Grand Ole Opry — and illustrated works for Dolly Parton and Taylor Swift

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Simplicity is the greatest equalizer.

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