Judy Raiten

Business Support
Twin Falls, Idaho
  • Quickbooks
  • Spreadsheets
  • Old Dogs
  • New Tricks

Judy used to love words, but now she’s all about numbers.

She keeps the lights on and the doors open at CivicActions with steady support on invoicing, collections, payroll, and onboarding for clients and staff. Judy has worked in many kinds of organizations — from the United Nations to Madison Avenue — but her favorite kind of office is the one where she can work in her slippers. Her tireless optimism and genuine love for her “CivicActions family” are the driving force behind all the important tasks she handles every day.

Judy has a B.A. in Physical Anthropology from the University of Colorado and completed graduate coursework in Interpersonal Communications and Counseling. Her life has been full of adventure — now she’s enjoying being old enough to do just as she likes. Most days, that means reading and taking care of two elderly dogs.

Things Judy has been doing

  • Keeping the numbers in line
  • Making payday happen
  • Onboarding new talent
  • Supporting and cheering for our distributed team
  • Finding ways to make everyone’s day a little bit better
  • Tutoring Iranian Baha’i students banned from traditional higher education

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