Eugene, OR

About Josh Rose

Josh joined CivicActions as an Engineer in 2015. He’s a proud geek who brings a passion for problem-solving and a familiarity with every layer of software technology to his projects. He’s happiest when coming up with creative ways to turn requirements into solutions, or just make things work better.

Drawing on five years of experience in programming and developing, Josh collaborates with remote teams of Drupal experts to build solutions that help clients reach audiences as effectively as possible. He offers unique perspectives by looking at problems from every angle and applies his multi-faceted skillset to help carry projects quickly to completion.

Before joining CivicActions, Josh worked at the University of Oregon, serving the student union and student programs. As a full-stack developer, he brought a range of talents to projects, including creating responsive themes, building e-commerce solutions, and writing custom software to extend content platforms. Josh augmented his day job by serving on a steering committee to help build a centralized Drupal hosting solution based on Aegir, which eventually hosted over 100 sites for the University, including home page, admissions, and business college.

Josh received a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the University of Oregon in 2009. He lives in Eugene, OR, where he enjoys making music, getting outdoors, and an occasional good game of ice hockey.