John Erhardt

[john air-heart]
Denver, Colorado
  • Drupal 6/7/8
  • Back-End / Front-End Flexibility
  • Collaboration
  • Pizza Crafting

For John, everything begins with a worthy problem.

He works as a back-end developer, but is willing to follow a problem wherever it leads, and has picked up a wide range of skills along the way. John learned patience from his background as an auto mechanic and electrical engineer, and has a keen sense of when to dig in to a problem — and how to ask for help. He’s particularly motivated by challenges to benefit humanity, and has worked on mission-driven projects for nonprofits, universities, and government agencies.

John has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from University of Illinois. When he’s not tinkering with code, John’s persistence and curiosity keep him busy creating new Raspberry Pi projects, troubleshooting his coffee roasting process, and building a new bicycle for his son.

Things John has been doing

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(The meaning of the universe is) 42!

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