Jim Bader

[jim bay-der]
Sacramento, California
  • DevOps
  • Systems & Networks
  • Metrics
  • Fun

Jim makes sure the systems are running in cadence with the goals.

Serving as performance analyst on the California Child Welfare Digital Service project, he helps the CivicActions DevOps team with practical measurements of website performance during continuous delivery. His insightful questions help clarify how the metrics match up with client goals, and how to deliver the most efficient combination of computer systems, applications, and services. Jim brings a wealth of expertise to his daily work, which he balances with a healthy dose of good humor and kindness.

Jim has nearly two decades of experience as a Systems Engineer. When he’s not deeply immersed in the functionings of complex IT systems, he likes spending time outdoors, camping, hiking, and biking with his family in the Sierra foothills.

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