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How CivicActions Adopted Agile/Scrum – Part Two: More Pods!

In my last post, I wrote a little of the history of the process at CivicActions and how we started to adopt the Agile/Scrum process. The first big step toward that was the formation of what we call Pods, or focused project teams. The Formation of Pod One It took [...]

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How CivicActions Adopted Agile/Scrum – Part One – The Way We Were

"A Quiet Revolution" is how I can best describe the process by which CivicActions has, over the last two years, adopted the Agile/Scrum process as our means of working with clients, internal teams and one another. And it continues as we learn more, add team members, work with new clients [...]

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Presenting… Some Tips on Presenting from She’s Geeky

It is more than a month later, and I am still getting value out of my experience at She's Geeky in San Francisco. One of the most powerful sessions I attended was one by Lura Dolas, an acting coach, who also specializes in developing women's public speaking and presentation skills. [...]

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Top 5 Resources for Agile/Scrum Development

As support for our panel session at DrupalCon Chicago on the topic of Lessons Learned from Agile Applied, and for all those who were not able to attend DrupalCon this time around, we have compiled our list of the top 5 resources to support Agile/Scrum development. Scrum Alliance - a [...]

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