Jeff Garrett

[jeff gair-et]
Placerville, California
  • DevOps
  • Customer Advocacy
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Working Up A Sweat (basketball preferred)

The word can’t does not exist in Jeff’s vocabulary.

He helps people see beyond ‘the way things have always been done’ to help our government clients support their modernization projects with innovative DevOps processes. With a bias towards action wherever there is an opportunity for improvement, he’s picked up experience in a little bit of everything. Jeff’s well rounded perspective and his ability to communicate complex technical ideas in plain language keeps the team aligned on goals to meet user needs.

Jeff has a background in math, science, computer science, sales, construction, project management, product management, development, quality assurance, and of course, DevOps. His professional interests are mainly in complex technologies, but at home he likes to keep it simple. You can find him hanging out with his family, working on his deck, or enjoying a steak and a beer.

Things Jeff has been doing

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