Agile Project Manager
San Luis Obispo, CA

About jason.heaster

Jason arrived at CivicActions as a Project Manager in 2015, with thirteen years of experience in project-based environments and a passion for bringing people and technology together to produce stunning results. He is happiest when combining problem-solving skills with people skills to help teams perform at top-notch productivity.

Jason blends his engineering background with a flair for creative thinking, which makes him adept at providing unique solutions to complex problems while coaching others to do the same.

He acts as communicator and facilitator for our expert teams of developers and the world-class organizations they serve, ensuring that projects are carried out transparently and efficiently. He’s a stickler for continuous learning, communication, and improvement among team members and a champion for Agile practices.

Jason’s experience prior to joining CivicActions has allowed him to hone his systematic/creative talents in a variety of contexts — from producing and directing TV commercials, to training clients on technology solutions, to managing teams of developers, programmers, writers, and designers in creating websites for ecommerce and marketing. He wears many hats and relates well to the whole spectrum of personality types.

While serving as Project Manager for Etna Interactive, Inc., Jason developed a visual progress tracking solution that provided a global view of all ongoing company projects — making it easier for the company to resolve resourcing conflicts and plan for future problems.

Jason earned a degree in Civil Engineering from The Ohio State University (2001), but discovered that ‘pure’ engineering was too systematic for his taste and chose to pursue a career path that allowed for both left- and right-brain exercise.

In his free time, Jason doesn’t slow down — he loves spending time with his wife, camping and hiking, skiing, and racing in triathlons. He is addicted to world travel and has visited five foreign countries thus far — but hasn’t yet discovered anything quite as amazing as bacon. He is based in San Luis Obispo, happily situated near California’s wine country.