Janette Day

[juh-net day]
Open Data
Cottage Grove, Wisconsin
  • Open Data
  • Constant Learning
  • Bugs (code) & Weeds (plants)
  • Game Nights

Janette quietly absorbs the world around her, then works to make it better.

She’s a core contributor to the DKAN open data platform, and supports its continued growth with front-end development and custom-built Drupal projects. Her attentive work and dedication to the collaborative ethos of open source software helps organizations share their data to be more transparent and improve lives. Janette is a thoughtful listener who steps in wherever she is needed, cheerfully lending a hand to solve the even trickiest problems.

Janette has a B.A. in Communications. She lives in Wisconsin with her family, where she can be found playing tennis, hiking in the woods, snowboarding, gardening, and reading.

Things Janette has been doing

  • Making improvements to the DKAN open data platform
  • Helping organizations manage and publish open data websites
  • Experimenting with new tools to build user interfaces
  • Supporting transparency for public sector institutions
  • Contributing to the Drupal community for 9+ years
  • Restoring ecosystems with native plants

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I am the invasive weed annihilator.

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