Iris Ibekwe

[eye-ris ee-bay-kway]
Manassas, Virginia
  • React/JS
  • Drupal
  • Web Accessibility
  • Kindness

Iris bridges the gap between code and design.

She keeps an eye on the evolving nature of the web and creates beautiful, functional front-end experiences by integrating design and development. Iris’ forward-thinking technical leadership has benefitted nonprofit and government clients, while her patient mentorship helps team members grow their skills. She has a talent for explaining technical concepts in an approachable way.

Iris has a Bachelor's in Electronic Engineering from the University of Nigeria. She loves a good challenge, from fixing mysterious bugs to solving crossword puzzles. She invests in raising her two young children with the same can-do attitude and joyful spirit she brings to work.

Things Iris has been doing

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At CivicActions, tough conversations are encouraged and dissenting opinions are aired in an atmosphere of respect — with a willingness to understand other people’s points of view.

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