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Welcome, Holly!

CivicActions is incredibly excited about the announcement that Holly Ross will be joining the Drupal Association as Executive Director and what it means for the Drupal community.

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The Balanced Workplace: Treadmill Desk, Laptop Edition

This is a picture of the laptop desk I created for my treadmill.  It involved a rectangle of 3/8" plywood (you can often get scrap odd cuts wherever they sell plywood), and several feet of 1x2 trim cut to create a hinged bar that props the desktop using the treadmil [...]

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3 Profoundly Simple Questions Every Organization Should Regularly Ask Themselves

We've recently implemented a new framework*/process inside of our operations at CivicActions that has had amazing results in our organization and we've been sharing this with our clients, too. It's so exciting I want to share with anyone leading teams of people to achieve something. That's a pretty broad audience, [...]

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The Agile NonProfit: A Quick Start Guide to Iterative Web Development

CivicActions is very pleased to announce the release of The Agile NonProfit: A Quick Start Guide to Iterative Web Development today. The Guide is a concise and illustrated explanation of the Agile/Scrum web development framework that anyone can quickly read and "get" Agile. Agile development is a project management framework [...]

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Effective Interactive Engagement: A Quick Look at Columbia Sportswear

I was taking my dinner break tonight, catching up on the latest episodes of The Office on Hulu (as a longtime webhead, it's incredibly gratifying and still a little magical to me to see streaming media so widely adopted) when a "limited commercial interruption" occurred. It was an ad for [...]

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What’s Your Theory of Change?

So my head and heart are still spinning from my experience at Web of Change.  So many incredible ideas, and perhaps more importantly, a really deep, integrated sense of the network of good people doing amazing things in the world.  Our focus on generating "alignment" inside CivicActions has already taught [...]

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Questions from Web of Change

I'm at the 10th annual Web of Change conference in British Columbia.  About a hundred leaders from organizations working on environmental, immigration, and other policy issues (as well as a number of vendors) are gathered to weave the Web of Change.  We had an opening session last night, where we [...]

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