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Free And Open Source Software For Nonprofit Organizations Webinar Slides

I presented a webinar in conjunction with NTEN entitled Free & Open Source Software For Nonprofits. If you would like to see the video fo the entire webinar, approximately 65 minutes, you can purchase it from the NTEN website for $35 if you are an existing member. View more presentations from Gregory Heller

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Free And Open Source Alternatives To Proprietary SaaS Offerings

With this week's announcement that Blackbaud will buy Convio there have been many questions whether this will be good or bad for the nonprofit organizations both companies count as their clients. We have often had clients and other nonprofit organizations we come into contact with us ask about the open [...]

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Responsive Design, Email Content Strategy And Templates

Why do so many organizations waste the opportunity to hook their email subscribers with the first line of the email message? I hadn't really noticed this sooner because of the way I consumed email: through a series of complicated email aliases and gmail filters.  Honestly, in Gmail, I was basically [...]

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Process Vs Knowledge

I recently saw the wonderful documentary, Eames: The Architect & The Painter, and if you are a fan of the furniture, films or other design of Ray and Charles Eames like I am, you have to see this film when it comes to your town, or becomes available via DVD [...]

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Using CiviCRM To Manage Grants That You Receive

Recently I worked with Grantmakers In The Arts, a national association of private and public funders making grants to artists and arts, to provide training on how they can get the most out of their CiviCRM database. In this post I am going to explain one specific bit of functionality [...]

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Alternatives To Go Daddy For Domain Registration

I think all of us at CivicActions were disgusted by Go Daddy CEO Bob Parsons' vacation video featuring him murdering an elephant in Zimbabwe (and the subsequent butchering of that elephant by local villagers wearing Go Daddy hats overdubbed with the song Hells Bells). Bob Parsons has exhibited some pretty [...]

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Tips For Foundations Using Twitter

Last week I wrote about some research we conducted regarding Foundations and their use of Twitter. One thing I noticed in our research is that many Foundations are primarily using the Twitter website to interface with the service. In this post I will highlight a few tips for Foundations that [...]

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CiviCRM Access Control (ACLs) Demystified

I have always found CiviCRMs ACLs (Access Control Lists) system to be a bit of a mystery and a setting them up right to be a black art. In most standard demployments of CiviCRM, fiddling with the ACLs is almost completely unnecessary, but in larger organizational deployments there is often a [...]

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Report on Content Management Systems Powering Foundation Websites

Last month while conducting research for an upcoming report on Foundations and their use of Twitter, we started looking at what Content Management Systems (CMS) were running Foundations' websites. Our curiosity lead us to look at the top 885 Foundations with websites (based on endowment size), utilizing the Wappalyzer browser [...]

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Using Price Sets In CiviCRM

We are getting ready to launch a site for a client that makes heavy use of CiviCRM and CiviEvent.  During a pre-launch training on CiviCRM the client asked about best practices for using price sets. Each year the organization runs multiple events that have a variety of prices, but from [...]

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MEanderthal: Morph Your Face Into That of an Early Human Ancestor

Last week, I wrote about some recent press coverage for the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History's new website for the Human Origins Program and the related new exhibit in Washington, DC. Also, the museum released an iPhone and Android App called MEandertal which allows you to take a photo [...]

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WYSIWYG Tips And Tricks

WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editors can be tricky to configure properly, and most clients have to have them, for good reason too, who wants to hand code html?  In this short post I'll explain a few tips and tricks to get your WYSIWYG configuration dialed in. [...]

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A Conceptual Roadmap for Ubercart CiviCRM Integration

With the D7UC Initiative gaining steam and excepting brainstorming ideas, I figured it was a good time to map out my idea for Ubercart and CiviCRM integration. I realize that many may cringe at the mention of uniting these two applications, for all their complexities, yet I see it as [...]

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Facebook Tip: Add a Tab With Custom HTML To Your Page or Profile

Recently a client asked if there was a way to add some custom HTML to a Facebook "Page".  I did a little research and found the My Info application and some handy instructions for adding it to your page, rather than your profile. Go to the main About/Help page for [...]

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Creating A Basic User Profile: Tips and Tricks

We've created many sites with user profiles, and every site seems to have a few differences, but there are certain best practices which I would like to share. Module Requirements This article concerns user profiles in Drupal 6, and recommends that you have the following modules installed: CCK Content Profile [...]

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Email Management Strategy Phase 2: IMAP with Gmail iPhone and Thunderbird

In Developing A Personal Email Management Strategy I discussed the sorting, filtering and processing of the seemingly endless flow of email I receive. Recently, I took the plunge and converted my non work email to IMAP in preparation for converting work email to the same. The goal is to be [...]

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Creating An SEO Strategy, Part 5: Community

In this fifth and final article in our series on creating an SEO strategy we will tackle the topic of community. Websites are not like the "field of dreams" -- if you build it, they won't necessarily come. Certainly if you do everything right up to this point: write good [...]

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Creating An SEO Strategy, Part 4: Code – Drupal Tips

In Part 3 of Creating An SEO Strategy we discussed ways of writing better HTML markup in your content. In this part of the series, we will discuss some Drupal specific modules and tips, as well as other resources for learning more about SEO. Drupal Configuration Set your website name [...]

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Creating An SEO Strategy, Part 3: Code – Your Markup

In Part II of Creating An SEO Strategy, Ron focused on content and keywords. But there is more to content than just the keywords. The markup and code underneath can make your content even more attractive to search engines and help your visitors find what they are looking for faster. [...]

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Setting Up CiviContribute Forms For Anonymous Users (ACLs and User Access)

Here is a little tip that will make your life easier, especially the first time you go down the road of setting up CiviCRM's CiviContribute forms for a website where anonymous users will be making donations (not anonymous donations, just users that are not logged in). When setting up CiviContribute [...]

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How To Rebuild The Menu In Drupal 6

To rebuild the menu in Drupal 6 you have to go to admin/build/modules. In Drupal 5 the menu is cached in the cache_menu table, so it is easy to invoke a menu-rebuild by emptying the table with a simple mysql command like TRUNCATE cache_menu;. (I have a handy script that [...]

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The Way We Work: Twitter Hack

Yesterday while waiting at the Cancun airport with Aaron, Henry, Mirasol, Nedjo, Owen and Justine, a few of us got to talking about FriendFeed, Twitter and Aaron and I are avid users, tagging all sorts of interesting sites. And we follow numerous lists and feeds thus pulling together [...]

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Drupal Node Search: Overview and Filter Link Technique

Part one of a six part series on Drupal's search functionality. This installment will discuss node module's responsibilities in Drupal searching, show how to create contributed modules which take advantage of node module's indexing methods, and discuss some pending patches for improving this flexibility. Search Module and general search overview [...]

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This is how we roll – working remote – Costa Rica

I'll be traveling for a bit, and I thought it may be interesting to explain how to work remotely without having to carry your laptop. I have a 4gig USB drive loaded with This is familiar FOSS compiled to run as standalone applications. Any application could be run this [...]

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Drupal Programming Trick – Add an element before/after another element in form_alter

Drupal Forms API (FAPI) provides hook_form_alter for modifying the contents of any form. This is possibly the most powerful feature that Drupal offers developers. It allows any module to change the form of any other module, thus allowing any custom/contrib modules to add or remove features from the UI of [...]

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Identity Theft

This week I was the victim of Identity Theft. I don't think anybody was hurt, but a crime was definitely committed, and the criminals were not caught. On Monday I received a welcome packet from First Data, complete with charge slips and a sticker to put on my business window. [...]

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Add or Change Text on any Drupal page

I just worked on an old 4.6.x site and had to add text to the user page. This was a challenging task on 4.6.x, so I thought I'd write about the various ways one can add text to a Drupal page, and about this specific solution. hook_form_alter. In any custom [...]

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