Gerardo Gonzalez

[hee-rar-doe gun-zole-ez]
Open Data
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Agile
  • Best Practices
  • Extreme Object-Orientation
  • Generalist

Gerardo is an instigator for betterment.

He’s not shy about asking the tough questions that keep teams accountable to each other and their work. Gerardo’s inquisitive nature and full-stack development experience are the basis of his dedication to clean and efficient code — he will go the extra mile to find the best solution to a technical problem. He loves delving into content strategy and software systems, and contributes to data modeling projects in the Drupal community.

Gerardo has a M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Oklahoma, where he spent several years researching artificial life. He’s interested in real life too — Gerardo enjoys hanging out with his wife and two kids after work, and occasionally writing introspective stories and songs.

Things Gerardo has been doing

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Improve yourself; improve others.

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