David Numan

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Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  • DevOps
  • Team support
  • Automation
  • Docks (for boats) & Docker (for code)

Dave loves well-written code and well-turned phrases.

He is the mastermind behind much of the tech support, back end systems, data migration, and code review that help CivicActions teams engineer complex projects efficiently. His sense of humor and thoughtful technical approach make him a natural mentor for his fellow engineers, and he runs a helpdesk to improve sandbox health, tools, and documentation for developers.

Dave has a B.A. in Business and is a PHP Certified Engineer, but he also has plenty of analog hobbies. When not in front of the computer, he roasts fair trade coffee, makes yogurt, and not-so-secretly enjoys watching classic Star Trek episodes. He’s also been known to post Dr. Seuss-esque poetry to enhance conversations in Slack.

Things David has been doing

  • Helping the DSCA create advanced site infrastructure
  • Ensuring science research can be published bug-free through automated QA
  • Presenting on DevOps and automation in Toronto
  • Leading efforts to improve development tools with Docker
  • Supporting healthy sandbox setups for development teams
  • Ditching his car for a 30’ sailboat

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They call me Docker Dave.

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