Daniel Gading

[dan-yul gaid-ing]
Open Data
Silver Spring, Maryland
  • Drupal
  • React
  • Migrations
  • Scuba Diving

Daniel loves finding the missing piece to the puzzle.

He has a knack for inventing a way forward when the solution isn’t clear, an approach to problem-solving he learned from his earlier training in art and digital illustration. Daniel works as an engineer on our open data team, helping develop React solutions to support client projects. He has experience in a variety of roles in all kinds of government technology efforts, but for Daniel, it’s all about code. Right now he’s learning new languages and diving deep into the underlying concepts of how code works.

Daniel has a Bachelor’s of Philosophy from Middle Tennessee University with a minor in Art. He also attended stunt school, and can be seen (briefly) as an extra in television and movies. His interests span multiple realities, including creating VR video games for fun, exploring the ocean in dives off the coast, and driving his California convertible, which is still adjusting to its new life in Maryland.

Things Daniel has been doing

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