Dan Mayol

[dan may-ol]
Etowah, North Carolina
  • ‘OS Agnostic’ System Administration
  • Harboring a Secret Preference for Linux
  • Automation
  • Snowboarding

Dan finds pleasure on the path of lifelong learning.

Whether picking up another programming language or shifting career paths, Dan sees new challenges as delicious opportunities to explore and grow. He’s worked in many different disciplines, including health care IT systems, security, system administration, and development — a breadth of experience that makes him well-suited to the multi-faceted demands of DevOps work. He’s curious, enthusiastic, incredibly friendly, and has the most fun when learning from his teammates.

Dan has been playing around with code since he was a kid jamming BASIC on a Commodore, and has over twenty years of experience in IT. He enjoys hiking, driving, or snowboarding in the Blue Ridge Mountains where he lives, but according to Dan, the activity doesn’t really matter — simply being there is a peak experience.

Things Dan has been doing

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