Chadia Mugisha

she/her, [shah-dee-a moo-gee-shuh]
Project Management
Boise, ID
  • Equity & Justice
  • Multilinguist
  • Getting It Done
  • All Things Warm, Quiet, and Cozy

Chadia takes her civic duty very seriously.

She’s a committed advocate for a more equitable world, and has contributed to volunteer and nonprofit work that helps people facing economic and political instability. At CivicActions, Chadia supports project teams as they tackle complex challenges to improve government digital services. Her attentive, team-oriented manner helps people stay positive and accomplish tasks while keeping sight of their mission.

Chadia has a B.A. in Anthropology and Sociology with a minor in Health Education, Religious Studies, and Leadership from The College of Idaho. Born and raised in Burundi, Chadia speaks Kirundi/ Kinyarwanda, French, and English. In her free time you’ll find her out with friends at protests, meetings, or civic volunteer work sessions … or at home with her beloved floofy cats, Boxie and Theodore.

Things Chadia has been doing

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It’s important to me to support projects that make life tangibly better for people, and CivicActions is a place I can do that.

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