Bill Wanjohi

he/him, [bill wahn-jo-hee]
Richmond, Indiana
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Linux Containers
  • Relational Databases
  • Peer Tutoring

More about Bill

  • Loves to help technology systems and humans work better together
  • Has a contagious enthusiasm for continuous improvement
  • Co-founded a data science company obsessed with the greater good
  • Wrangled data and systems for the legal industry and the Obama 2012 campaign
  • Active in civic causes -- but recently mostly busy being a new dad
  • Attended Swarthmore College where he studied electrical engineering, played rugby, and started dating his future wife (at least one of which was a good idea)

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I enjoy managing complexity so others don’t have to. It’s satisfying to remove obstacles and clear the way for creativity.

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