Ben Leffler

he/him, [ben lef-ler]
User Experience
Austin, Texas
  • Consummate Communicator
  • Creative Collaborator
  • Ardent Alliterator
  • Disentangler of Daedalian Dilemmas

Ben is an uplifting influence in turbulent times.

Raised in a civically minded home, Ben has always been engaged in his community, but it was the 2016 elections that really lit a fire under him. He seeks opportunities to make the world and its systems more transparent, just, and joyful through good design, collaboration, and communication.

A public policy professional by trade, Ben stumbled into digital product design in 2014. After working on health care, wearable technology, video games, and banking, he is ecstatic to be part of the UX team at CivicActions solving complex problems to help governments serve people better.

Ben has a B.A. in Government and a Master of Public Affairs from the University of Texas. A proud Austin native, he spends his free time volunteering, enjoying the sunshine, and patronizing the closest taco stand. Cliché but true.

Things Ben has been doing

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