Andrew Bond

Pompano Beach, Florida
  • DevOps
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Security
  • World Traveler

Andrew uses repeatable processes to improve the world.

As a kid watching his grandfather build jigs for woodworking projects, Andrew early learned the potential of automation for helping people β€” and systems β€” work better and smarter. Applying these principles to his lifelong interest in technology brought Andrew to DevOps (even before it was a 'thing'). He loves tackling challenges and helping large organizations improve software delivery, which is reflected in his current work on government digital service projects.

Andrew earned two degrees from Florida Atlantic University with a focus on cancer therapeutic delivery systems, but found he was drawn to the tech and process-improvement aspects of anything he worked on. Now, he is happy to spend most of his day wrangling data and software β€” when he’s not traveling internationally or hanging out at home with his not-so-mini schnauzers.

Things Andrew has been doing

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