Ana Willem

Chiapas, Mexico

About Ana Willem

Ana joined CivicActions as an Engineer in early 2015, wielding 14 years of experience in technology and information systems design. Although her role is focused on the technical aspects of building solutions, she operates from a systems approach and prides herself on holding the overall vision of a project in mind as she works on specific tasks.

Ana developed her strategic sensibilities working primarily with a non-profit clientele, resulting in a no-nonsense, efficient mindset based on a genuine desire to just make things work better. Consistently referencing the “big picture” throughout each project, Ana is adept at mapping technology to match the human systems it supports. She weaves implementations together to create streamlined, lightweight, user-friendly Drupal platforms that fit like a glove and maximize resources for clients.

She has worked with a variety of organizations including Bioneers, TechSoup, NetSquared, the Southern Center for Human Rights, Alternate ROOTS, and the Institute for American Indian Arts.  In her work with Bioneers, Ana consolidated and converted twelve different legacy FileMaker databases into one mammoth system using Drupal and CiviCRM — the first integration of its kind, which led to the development of the CiviNode module in Drupal. Ana also lead the TechSoup development team in the creation of a Drupal-based social network, connecting technologists and empowering them to dream and achieve for the greater good through globally distributed competitions and collaborations.

Ana graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2002 with a BFA in Industrial Design. Her specialty — sustainable systems design — has made her a pro at building solutions that work seamlessly and efficiently.

When she’s not busy developing websites, Ana enjoys studying Traditional Chinese Medicine, Vortex-Based Mathematics, ancient systems of time measurement, and Astrophysics. Ana also volunteers with her partner at a school for street kids in San Cristobal de Las Casas, Mexico.  She divides her time between Las Cruces, New Mexico and Chiapas, Mexico.


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CivicActions at the Tech Women Community conference

I have the honor of being asked to present at the Tech Women Community conference in Tuxtla-Gutierrez, Chiapas, Mexico at 6pm tomorrow evening (12/7/16).  The presentation is about the Drupal Content Management System, and how to quickly leverage it for various projects. The conference is several days long, and it [...]

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