Allison Conley

she/her, [al-i-son con-lee]
Legal & Compliance
West Hartford, Connecticut
  • Proposal Review
  • Contract Organization
  • Attention To Detail
  • Baking Enthusiast

Things Allison has been doing

  • Keeping the i’s dotted and t’s crossed for all things legal at CivicActions
  • Mastering the inner workings of modern government contracting
  • Bringing order out of chaos with contract workflow management
  • Finishing out 7 years of postsecondary school with a hard-earned JD, an award for excellence, and a huge sigh of relief
  • Perfecting her donut-making and people skills in her folks’ small-town bakery

Fun facts about Allison

  • Spent a summer working in Irish politics
  • Runner, tennis player, and recent barre convert
  • East Coast transplant from West Michigan
  • Addicted to lists, check-boxes, and spreadsheets

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I’m kind of famous for my chocolate chip cookies.

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