Alex Scott

[al-ix scott]
Toledo, Spain
  • Javascript
  • Poetic Scansion
  • Serendipity
  • Responsive Theming

Alex thrives at the intersection of art, emotion, and technology.

He has brought aesthetic sensibility and technical proficiency to CivicActions projects for over ten years. His thoughtful usage of myriad responsive theming tools helps organizations reach all potential audiences across all devices. Serving NGOs, nonprofits, and government agencies, Alex has a knack for employing visual representations, interactive maps, and other engaging experiences to draw people in and get them to take action.

Alex holds a B.A. from Brighton University, UK, and presently lives near Madrid. The grandson of renowned painter William Scott and the son of Academy-Award-winning filmmaker James Scott, Alex’s artistic sensibility runs deep in his blood.

Things Alex has been doing

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I am genetically crossed with a fish from the twilight zone.

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