Aaron Pava

he/him, [air-un pah-va]
Management & Operations
San Mateo, Alajuela, Costa Rica
  • Distributed Team Culture
  • Federal Procurement
  • Free and Open Source Software
  • Mindfulness

Aaron is passionate about helping people live their values.

He uplifts the mission and people of CivicActions by hiring the right talent, promoting professional development, and sharing our work with others. His open-hearted approach helps nurture a healthy and balanced company culture, allowing CivicActioners to communicate openly and bring their authentic selves to work. Aaron is a co-founder of Agile Government Leadership and promotes agile procurement practices and cultural change for government organizations.

Aaron has been contributing to the building of an open, transparent IT industry for over twenty years, and served at the U.S. Digital Service in the Obama White House. He lives in an intentional community in Costa Rica with his family, where he enjoys nature walks, photography, and podcasts. Occasionally an exotic bird can be heard in his background during work calls.

Things Aaron has been doing

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Let’s get curious about the impossible and see what happens.

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