• Federal Times2015-07-27

    CivicActions in Federal Times: ‘Say goodbye to 100-page RFPs’

    CivicActions’ Vice President of Government Sales Bill Ogilvie explains how 18F’s agile procurement process will help firms solve government problems more effectively.

  • FedScoop2015-07-15

    18F’s Agile Contract Paves the Way for Better Procurement

    CivicActions’ Henry Poole and Aaron Pava join others in the innovative vendor community to discuss the challenges and rewards of participating in 18F’s prototype-driven agile contract process.

  • FCW2015-07-06

    CivicActions in FCW: ‘One Company Shows How It Is Embracing Agile’

    Focusing on users and integrating agile as “a way of life” helped CivicActions teams successfully build a working product for the FDA in less than a week during a contest held by the General Services Administration and 18F for a spot in the new agile vendor pool.

  • FCW2015-02-13

    CivicActions in FCW: ‘Is Government Ready for Agile?’

    CivicActions supports Agile Government Leadership in an effort to create resources and community to help agencies learn and adopt agile methodologies.

  • NextGov2015-02-09

    CivicActions in NextGov: ‘What Agile Should Look Like in the Federal Government’

    CivicActions’ Elizabeth Raley explains how the newly launched Agile Government Handbook will help fill a critical need for government agencies looking for a starting point for learning about agile.

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