Effective Distributed Teams in Government

We provide training and resources to help agency teams establish policies and best practices for remote / telework.

Building a resilient government

The shift to remote or "telework" in response to COVID-19 has accelerated the understanding that we are at a point in the organizational and civic evolutionary cycle where a distributed team model will play a critical role in building highly-effective public service teams.

As civic leaders seek to address the issues of our times — disasters, pandemics, climate change, health and wellness, economic empowerment — distributed teams become the obvious solution for delivering responsive and resilient government services.

Personalized training for your team

Distributed Teams Training provides government leaders and teams with strategies, tools, and best practices for working effectively in a distributed (remote/telework) model. The offering is customizable to your agency and will help you improve team performance, streamline communications, save on operational costs, and boost workforce diversity and retention.

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How does it work?

  • Discovery to get aligned on your agency's needs and expected outcomes
  • Preparation to get your teams ready for virtual training
  • Three interactive, virtual classroom sessions
  • Workbook to support learning and for future reference
  • Options for 1:1 personalized coaching
  • Options for telework policy development / improvement


  • Setting up and getting started with remote work
  • Communications and collaboration
  • Security and operations
  • Team cohesion, trust, and accountability
  • Growing and sustaining distributed teams
  • Improving team performance and resilience


John O’Duinn is the author of "Distributed Teams: The Art and Practice of Working Together While Physically Apart". He is a senior technologist, entrepreneur, and frequent international speaker on the benefits and strategies for remote work.

John served in the U.S. Digital Service in the Obama White House and has provided workshops and mentorship to distributed teams around the world. He co-created the State of Vermont policy encouraging remote work to promote economic growth, and is now supporting the development of similar policies for multiple jurisdictions worldwide. Learn more about John’s work at his website and on LinkedIn.

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To learn more or request training, contact us at distributedgov@civicactions.com


Guide to Distributed Government
A free resource on how to establish and run effective distributed teams in government, and why it's important.
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