CivicActions at the Tech Women Community conference

I have the honor of being asked to present at the Tech Women Community conference in Tuxtla-Gutierrez, Chiapas, Mexico at 6pm tomorrow evening (12/7/16).  The presentation is about the Drupal Content Management System, and how to quickly leverage it for various projects. The conference is several days long, and it [...]

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A Conversation with Michelle Coffey, Executive Director of the Lambent Foundation

Michelle Coffey designs, implements and furthers the strategic agenda, leadership and vision of Lambent Foundation. Prior to the creation of Lambent Foundation, she was the Director of Starry Night Fund and Senior Philanthropic Advisor at Tides Foundation. With a global lens, her areas of focus include Human Rights, Women/Girls, Criminal Justice Reform, Arts and Culture and [...]

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Free And Open Source Software For Nonprofit Organizations Webinar Slides

I presented a webinar in conjunction with NTEN entitled Free & Open Source Software For Nonprofits. If you would like to see the video fo the entire webinar, approximately 65 minutes, you can purchase it from the NTEN website for $35 if you are an existing member. View more presentations from Gregory Heller

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The Agile NonProfit: A Quick Start Guide to Iterative Web Development

CivicActions is very pleased to announce the release of The Agile NonProfit: A Quick Start Guide to Iterative Web Development today. The Guide is a concise and illustrated explanation of the Agile/Scrum web development framework that anyone can quickly read and "get" Agile. Agile development is a project management framework [...]

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Using CiviCRM To Manage Grants That You Receive

Recently I worked with Grantmakers In The Arts, a national association of private and public funders making grants to artists and arts, to provide training on how they can get the most out of their CiviCRM database. In this post I am going to explain one specific bit of functionality [...]

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Creating A One Minute Message For Your Nonprofit Organization

  How many times have you been caught off-guard when a stranger asks what you do for work? Describing your work can be a very difficult task. Do you paint a picture of the amazing programs or services your nonprofit provides? Do you speak about the impact on the communities [...]

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Using Price Sets In CiviCRM

We are getting ready to launch a site for a client that makes heavy use of CiviCRM and CiviEvent.  During a pre-launch training on CiviCRM the client asked about best practices for using price sets. Each year the organization runs multiple events that have a variety of prices, but from [...]

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Effective Interactive Engagement: A Quick Look at Columbia Sportswear

I was taking my dinner break tonight, catching up on the latest episodes of The Office on Hulu (as a longtime webhead, it's incredibly gratifying and still a little magical to me to see streaming media so widely adopted) when a "limited commercial interruption" occurred. It was an ad for [...]

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CiviCRM Developer Training

CiviCRM is a powerful, free and open source (AGPL-licensed) web-based contact relationship management (CRM) system that focuses on the needs of non-profits. A growing number of CivicActions' clients employ CiviCRM to support membership and contribution management, events, group mailings and report generation. With every release, CiviCRM is adding features and [...]

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Nonprofit Marketing Plan Template

Hot on the heals of yesterday's post regarding sharing our Client Questionnaire, Nancy Schwartz of Getting Attention posted a ready-to-use Nonprofit Marketing Plan Template that provides a thorough overview for generating your marketing and online strategy. GOALS  - Key question: What is your organization’s main goal (1-2 goals)?  What are your communications [...]

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Essential Groups for NGOs Using Drupal

There are now over 375 Drupal Groups and 23533 groups subscribers. The following 14 groups may be of particular interest to Non Governmental Organizations who are using or planning to use Drupal for their infrastructure: General Business Drupal for Activists and Campaigns, 109 subscribers Issues and ideas relating to the [...]

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