In Which I Condense and Annotate Brian Fling’s Moste Excellente Slideshow, Six Rules to Designing Amazing Mobile Apps

While researching for an upcoming talk on HTML5 and Drupal, I came across Thee Moste Excellente Slideshow “Six Rules to Designing Amazing Mobile Apps,” by Brian Fling. Now (Gentle Reader) You Could Hastily take Thineself over to Thee Slideshow; Indeed, I would Heartily Recommend This Course of Action; however, This [...]

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Using HTML5 with Drupal, Today!

Recently, I blogged about Drupal's plans to integrate HTML5 into its next release. However, version 8 of Drupal is at least a year away. What's a Drupal dev to do, if they want to start using HTML5 right now? There are a variety of tools and techniques. Let's look at [...]

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Google Android Market vs. Apple App Store

  Last week Apple announced that since July 2008 more than 10 billion iPhone & iPad apps have now been downloaded from the App Store. For those counting at home, that an average of 18 million apps per day. Despite the significant head-start, today Google announced their own Web-based store app store called Android Market, [...]

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MEanderthal: Morph Your Face Into That of an Early Human Ancestor

Last week, I wrote about some recent press coverage for the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History's new website for the Human Origins Program and the related new exhibit in Washington, DC. Also, the museum released an iPhone and Android App called MEandertal which allows you to take a photo [...]

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Tutorial & Code: Developing Apps For iPhone/iPad/Android Using Drupal As Base System

Last week I posted some initial resources related to my DrupalCon San Francisco session Developing Apps for iPhone/iPad/Android using drupal as Base System. Here is what you need to connect your Drupal site to Titanium App: Titanium Developer iPhone SDK Drupal basic installation Services Module Modified Version of json_server module [...]

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iDrupal: Manage Your Drupal Website From iPhone

iDrupal is a project aimed to manage your Drupal websites from iPhone and iPod touch. This project is designed for: iDrupal module to act as a bridge for communication between your iPhone and drupal website iDrupal_ui theme to for your iPhone browser iPhone application which is yet to be released [...]

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