Government Technology: ‘3 Tips for Joining California’s Agile Government Vendor Pool’

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Government Technology covered CivicActions’ “How CivicActions Earned a Spot on the California Agile Government Vendor Pool” webinar.

How CivicActions Earned a Spot on the California Agile Government Vendor Pool

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In an effort to inspire other technology companies to participate in the California Agile Development Prequalified vendor pool, CivicActions will share what it learned and help others understand how they can best navigate the process.

CivicActions named to GovTech100 top companies list

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CivicActions was named to the Government Technology and e.Republic Labs 2017 GovTech100 list of the leading companies focused on delivering services to improve and transform government.

Give Government Permission to Speak Freely

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By Robert L. Read and Fen Labalme These ideas were generated at a CivicActions retreat, during an Open Space brainstorming session. As CivicActions is fiercely open, we are releasing these ideas to the public for anyone to use as they see fit. Transparent government requires open and frequent communication. Ideally, [...]

FedScoop: ‘How the federal government is using IT to lower costs’

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CivicActions Director of Professional Services Elizabeth Raley moderated the agile panel at FedScoop’s 8th annual Lowering the Cost of Government with IT Summit.

CivicActions at FedScoop’s 8th Annual Lowering the Cost of Gov with IT Summit

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CivicActions Director of Professional Services Elizabeth Raley will moderate a panel discussion at FedScoop's Lowering the Cost of Gov with IT Summit in Washington, D.C.

CivicActions Named to California Office of Systems Integration Agile Development Pre-Qualified Vendor Pool

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We're honored to be included in the new California Office of Systems Integration Agile Development Pre-qualified Vendor Pool.

AGL at the 2016 California Technology Forum

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Elizabeth Raley is participated in a panel discussion on Agile development and government at the California Technology Forum.

An App the Foster Parent System Really Needs: What an Agile Rapid Prototyping Exercise Taught Us

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Chris Cairns and other leaders of 18F within the GSA created a seminal RFQ in order to qualify cutting-edge firms to do Agile work for the Federal government.

Join CivicActions at Drupal GovCon 2016

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As proud diamond-level sponsors, CivicActions is showing up big this year at Drupal GovCon 2016.

Meet the CivicActions team at LibrePlanet this weekend

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CivicActions is proud to sponsor and attend LibrePlanet, the Free Software Foundation's annual conference for people who care about their digital freedoms.

Bringing the U.S. Web Design Standards to Drupal

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Since Drupal powers a large number of federal websites, it was a no-brainer for CivicActions to start thinking of how to port the U.S web design standards into Drupal themes.

CivicActions Retreat: Forging the Future of Government Transformation

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The 2015 CivicActions retreat showcased the people, the heart and the spirit of a fiercely innovative technology company.

FCW: ‘One company shows how it is embracing agile’

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CivicActions was featured in the July 30 issue of Federal Computer Week related to our work around the General Services Administration and 18F open request for quotation for a new federal marketplace for agile delivery services.

Agile2015 Presentation: Agile White House: How the TechFAR & Digital Services Playbook are Transforming Government

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Lead by Aaron Pava, participants will understand the history, intentions and key components of the Digital Services Playbook and accompanying TechFAR Handbook.

What 18F Will Look for in RFQ Responses to the Agile Digital Services BPA

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CivicActions shares the rules of evaluating solicitation responses for General Services Administration Agile Services Blanket Purchase Agreement RFQs.

AGL Live: Agile Government 101

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Last week was the first episode of AGL Live as part of Agile Government Leadership's newest offering.

Presenting the Agile Government Handbook

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The Agile Government Leadership group did a tremendous amount of research around what was needed to help government better understand and adopt Agile development practices, and the biggest "ask" was always around awareness and training.

Checking in on the Agile workplace: NYC Councilman Ben Kallos’ office

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CivicActions led an Agile training workshop for Councilman Ben Kallos' office this past spring.

Government Users of GitHub surpasses 10,000

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This is a notable milestone. It's great to see this incredible openness, code and process sharing evolving in the US Federal Government.

5 ways to better government IT

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There’s been much discussion of late about federal government IT procurement. As a small business that has recently received our GSA Schedule and won our first contract as a prime contractor, we here at CivicActions have learned a lot in a short amount of time.

Introducing Agile Government Leadership

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CivicActions collaborated with federal, state and local government and private sector leaders to launch the Agile Government Leadership, a group to foster awareness, create and aggregate resources that will make it easier for those implementing agile development to access information and get support from their peers within the public sector.

Clinton’s Laws of Politics

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Bill Clinton in 2004: "One of Clinton's laws of politics is, if one candidate is trying to scare you, and the other one is trying to make you think, if one candidate's appealing to your fears, and the other one's appealing to your hopes. You better vote for the person [...]

A Dark Day for the United States

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Our Supreme Court ended it's term today, and closed it's doors on our people. Tomorrow, many school districts across our country will be faced with uncertainty...and our children will no longer be given the same opportunity to experience diversity. This is a real shame. A few quotes from Justice Breyer's [...]

Identity Theft

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This week I was the victim of Identity Theft. I don't think anybody was hurt, but a crime was definitely committed, and the criminals were not caught. On Monday I received a welcome packet from First Data, complete with charge slips and a sticker to put on my business window. [...]