Introducing CivicActions Labs

We’re pleased to announce the launch of CivicActions Labs, an initiative to provide our team with sanctioned time outside of project work to innovate and design products that will streamline our workflow and improve our practices.

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Chaos Computer Club and the Rise of Hacker Culture

The German hacker club, Chaos Computer Club has recently been in the news for their annual end of the year Chaos Communication Congress at which well-known writer and BoingBoing editor, Cory Doctorow spoke on “the coming war on general computation.” In this post, I will introduce you to the club, [...]

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Process Vs Knowledge

I recently saw the wonderful documentary, Eames: The Architect & The Painter, and if you are a fan of the furniture, films or other design of Ray and Charles Eames like I am, you have to see this film when it comes to your town, or becomes available via DVD [...]

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In Which I Condense and Annotate Brian Fling’s Moste Excellente Slideshow, Six Rules to Designing Amazing Mobile Apps

While researching for an upcoming talk on HTML5 and Drupal, I came across Thee Moste Excellente Slideshow “Six Rules to Designing Amazing Mobile Apps,” by Brian Fling. Now (Gentle Reader) You Could Hastily take Thineself over to Thee Slideshow; Indeed, I would Heartily Recommend This Course of Action; however, This [...]

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Usability Of Car Stereos

For a long time I have wondered how the teams that design car stereos can fail so miserably at making car stereos easy to use. The function of a car stereo is not complicated, and there are few tasks that need to be considered in the design of a car [...]

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“Related Content” Definition

Website Redesign Glossary - Entry 4 Related Content: Content that is related to the main topic featured on the page. These links may be manually determined (by the content editor) or may be populated by the content management system based on predefined tags (e.g. a particular issue or region). Links [...]

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