How to Use Balance Scores to Improve Velocity in Scrum

Over the last 2 years, we have found that sharing balance scores on a call only takes 5 seconds cumulatively for an entire team. We've also found that this simple one number check-in reduces anxiety for the person who shares, and for others on the team.

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The Balanced Workplace: Treadmill Desk, Laptop Edition

This is a picture of the laptop desk I created for my treadmill.  It involved a rectangle of 3/8" plywood (you can often get scrap odd cuts wherever they sell plywood), and several feet of 1x2 trim cut to create a hinged bar that props the desktop using the treadmil [...]

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Ken Wilber And The Big Three Value Systems

In a recent post I outlined Ken Wilber’s quadrant theory, which I think is an incredibly helpful way of gaining a full picture of organizations and issue areas. While the quadrants describe the internal and external, individual and social frameworks we encounter in the world, Wilber also spends a lot [...]

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