TechWire: ‘How Do You Save Government IT?’

CivicActions director of Professional Services Elizabeth Raley published a commentary on February 29, 2016 in TechWire with Salt Lake City Chief Information Officer Bill Haight that describes how adopting modern agile project management methods is critical to saving government IT projects from failure.

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On Pondering, and then Walking Away From, Agile-fall

In hybrid "agile-fall" approaches which demand a binding project plan, "agile" loses right off the bat, and never gets to employ the features that make it successful in any meaningful way.

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FCW: ‘One company shows how it is embracing agile’

CivicActions was featured in the July 30, 2015 print issue of Federal Computer Week related to our work around the General Services Administration and 18F open request for quotation for a new federal marketplace for agile delivery services.

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How to Use Balance Scores to Improve Velocity in Scrum

Over the last 2 years, we have found that sharing balance scores on a call only takes 5 seconds cumulatively for an entire team. We've also found that this simple one number check-in reduces anxiety for the person who shares, and for others on the team.

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Avoiding “Scrum Buts”

I've been working on scrum teams for awhile now and I recently went through the Certified ScrumMaster course which provided a nice refresher. One take-away I want to share is the reminder to avoid performing "Scrum Buts" - this is the notion of practicing only portions of the Scrum process.

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CivicActions’ Product Owner Self Assessment Survey

The success of every development project hinges on a strong product owner. At CivicActions, we use a simple assessment to give potential product owners an idea of what is required of them and help assess if they can do the job.

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5 ways to better government IT

There’s been much discussion of late about federal government IT procurement. As a small business that has recently received our GSA Schedule and won our first contract as a prime contractor, we here at CivicActions have learned a lot in a short amount of time.

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Introducing Agile Government Leadership

CivicActions collaborated with federal, state and local government and private sector leaders to launch the Agile Government Leadership, a group to foster awareness, create and aggregate resources that will make it easier for those implementing agile development to access information and get support from their peers within the public sector.

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Brainstorming and Prioritizing with Trello

We do our work from all over the world, which makes it hard to use standard Agile tools like sticky notes and dot voting to collaborate. Since we use Trello quite a bit, we decided to experiment with Trello's voting feature.

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Five Tips for Using Trello for Scrum

CivicActions has been a virtual organization since it was founded, and we’ve adopted Agile methods--especially Scrum--for all of our projects in recent years. And since March 2012, we’ve adopted Trello as our go-to solution for managing virtual, Scrum projects.

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3 Profoundly Simple Questions Every Organization Should Regularly Ask Themselves

We've recently implemented a new framework*/process inside of our operations at CivicActions that has had amazing results in our organization and we've been sharing this with our clients, too. It's so exciting I want to share with anyone leading teams of people to achieve something. That's a pretty broad audience, [...]

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What Happens At A Sprint Planning Meeting?

  The Sprint Planning Meeting is the first meeting to kick off the sprint. It is attended by the ScrumMaster, Development Team and the Product Owner, along with interested and invited stakeholders. The meeting is time boxed to 8 hours, so it's important to gather first thing, usually on a [...]

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Why Choose Scrum

My first post in this series discussed the 3 Elements of Scrum and now I'd like to touch on why I chose Scrum. You can also read the series on how CivicActions implemented Scrum here.  Scrum is a buzz word among many Drupal shops and web companies. It may be considered [...]

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Creating the Product Backlog

My last article provided an overview and explanation of the Product Owner role within the Scrum Framework.  In this article I will discuss the Product Backlog.  The Product Owner is responsible for maintaining and prioritizing the Product Backlog, which can be a daunting responsibility, but she doesn't need to create [...]

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How To Be a Product Owner

In this next post in my series on using Scrum, I'll discuss some of the do's and don'ts of being a Product Owner (in the Scrum meaning of the words). Often the role of the Product Owner is new to the person who is taking it on. It does take [...]

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The 3 Elements of Scrum

Scrum is the framework that we use for the Agile process here at CivicActions. (Our experience transitioning to Scrum was interesting, and you can read about that in our Agile Applied blog series.)  In the spirit of following the roadmap that Scrum has laid out, this blog series will be [...]

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The Agile NonProfit: A Quick Start Guide to Iterative Web Development

CivicActions is very pleased to announce the release of The Agile NonProfit: A Quick Start Guide to Iterative Web Development today. The Guide is a concise and illustrated explanation of the Agile/Scrum web development framework that anyone can quickly read and "get" Agile. Agile development is a project management framework [...]

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How CivicActions Adopted Agile/Scrum – Part Two: More Pods!

In my last post, I wrote a little of the history of the process at CivicActions and how we started to adopt the Agile/Scrum process. The first big step toward that was the formation of what we call Pods, or focused project teams. The Formation of Pod One It took [...]

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How CivicActions Adopted Agile/Scrum – Part One – The Way We Were

"A Quiet Revolution" is how I can best describe the process by which CivicActions has, over the last two years, adopted the Agile/Scrum process as our means of working with clients, internal teams and one another. And it continues as we learn more, add team members, work with new clients [...]

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Top 5 Resources for Agile/Scrum Development

As support for our panel session at DrupalCon Chicago on the topic of Lessons Learned from Agile Applied, and for all those who were not able to attend DrupalCon this time around, we have compiled our list of the top 5 resources to support Agile/Scrum development. Scrum Alliance - a [...]

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